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Coquelicot BallOons

(Toulouse, France)

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Coquelicot BallOons makes balloon sculpture an artistic discipline in its own right, through a project that is both creative and ecological.

This talented Toulouse-based company has won numerous international awards for its creations, including its giant sculptures. Decors, costumes and large-size creatures in balloons ... the sculptures can be adapted to all themes, imagination is the only limit. A nod to known universes or invented worlds, anything is possible thanks to the technique and experience of the Coquelicot BallOons sculptors.
Beyond the visual, it is the educational, participative and interactive side that is also the hallmark of Coquelicot BallOons.

For the parades, Claudia Espina and her team imagine, on stilts or on the ground, funny characters weaving among the crowd, creating surprise and energizing the rhythms of the procession.

With the complicity of its collaborators directors, musicians and acrobats, Assahira and Coquelicot BallOons offer small or large formats shows, suitable for day or night, thanks to the LED lighting system of the sculptures.



Latex balloons are made from the sap of the rubber tree. The latex is harvested in cups fixed at the base of the incisions made in the bark of the tree. This practice does not damage the tree. The rubber trees grow in tropical rain forests, the latex harvest does not participate in deforestation since the rubber trees are not destroyed. A rubber tree can produce latex for 40 years!

Format: Show with balloon structures

Artistic team: 2 or 3 people

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