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Sustainable development

Reducing your carbon footprint during confinement was easy… but then what?

Sensitive to ecological issues, the Assahira Association has initiated a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach in order to be in accordance with its values and to encourage its partners to reduce their impact on the environment.


Our engagements :


Raising awareness of sustainability among our stakeholders

• Facilitate a collective approach with artists

• Ensure a watch on subjects related to the ecological transition in the performing arts , more particularly in the field of street arts

• Share best practices

• Communicate on our approach to encourage partners to join


Reduce the environmental impact of tours

• Look for complementary solutions to facilitate the use of low-carbon mobility and reduce the distances traveled

• Promote the implementation of eco- gestures

• Offset GHG emissions related to air travel


Reduce the environmental impact of the production office

• Think about purchasing responsibly

• Dematerialize communication documents to limit the use of paper

• Reduce travel and promote less emissive transport

• Optimize the IT part to reduce the carbon impact


Strengthen our local roots

• Set up a network of local partners with sustainable development objectives (festivals, communities, businesses)

• Contribute to the transmission of knowledge in order to move towards a more virtuous approach in the sector, by involving research and higher education


Did you know that….

A French person emits an average of 9.3 tonnes of CO₂e per year.

Do you know your climate footprint?

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