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Demain on change tout

(Aubervilliers, France)

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- The Birdman and his Chimera Orchestra

The Birdman and his Chimera Orchestra (creation at Musée des Arts Forains, Paris) is a street musical and theatrical show, that evolves in a fairground universe, in worlds of poetry and fantasy. Around a puppet of 3.5 meters high - providential hybrid between a man and an ostrich - four musicians (two violins and two brasses), a captain and an acrobat, form a wonderful procession whose aesthetic echoes the 1900’s World Expo.

The Birdman reinvents, with his feather, the contours of the places and people he visits. Poet traveler, music is his breath, his favorite language. The crew peddles his moods: as he walks into the urban landscape, he observes, dances, plays, tastes everything he can find. The public is not only a spectator; he is part of this adventure.
Original music composed by the crew, along the meetings.

The company Demain On Change Tout, was born, following work carried out in 2015 with the Municipality of Aubervilliers (France), at the Villa Mais d’Ici. These were neighborhood workshops with the inhabitants, this is where the puppet of the Birdman.

Following numerous informal outings, the structure of the company was formed with the intervention of various contributors (musicians, circus performers, actors, builders).

With the help of Eric de Sarria (actor, puppeteer, and trainer, Cie Philippe Genty), and the poetic texts created for the show by Pierre-Henri Vankerrebrouck (poet, actor), the Cie Demain On Change Tout, focuses its work on writing, composition and improvisation, nourished by its various encounters with artists, audiences, and places, during his many wanderings.



- The Three Heads Of The Chimera Orchestra

This wandering presents a giant puppet with three moving heads, accompanied by manipulators, a performer, an actor, and his musicians: the Chimera Orchestra. The public is an integral part of the adventures of the puppet: the spectators are invited by the characters to discover this dreamlike and curious world; and become the essential actors to make it live and evolve.
The public space, its history, its anecdotes but also its many encounters, become the setting for a unique, poetic and festive story. The course of the show adapts and rewrites itself in each place. Improvisations and tableaux (written scenes) appear then disappear throughout the course and are accompanied by original music composed for the show.​

Format: Musical and Theatrical street performance - Street parade (day and night)

Artistic team: 5 musicians, 2 comedian, 2 puppet’s manipulators

Standard duration: 1 hour 30 min. divided into 2 shows


Technical requirements: fits any space accessible to a puppet of 3.5 meters high and 2 meters wide

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