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Factoría Circular

(Barcelona, Spain)

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- Rodafonio

Rodafonio is an invention that has completely transformed the theater and street music scene in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Created by designer and musician César Alvarez Bayer, the attraction consists of a giant wheel 4 meters high and 15 centimeters thick.

The wheel welcomes the five musicians of the Catalan group Factoria Circular. Three musicians sit in the wheel in their respective metal circles, playing their musical instruments: guitar, saxophone and a set of drums and sometimes spin inside the giant wheel.

The other two members are actors who pedal in the moving wheel, giving life to the enormous mechanical structure. The musical show allows you to combine the principles of geometry and music. Never before have the mathematical formulas and scores been combined with the intention of creating a similar spectacle.

Rodafonio was born in collaboration with the city of Barcelona during La Mercè, an annual festival that involves music, dance, art and entertainment, as well as other cultural activities for six days.

This unusual structure has already landed in other countries, such as Austria and Chile, where it has been very well received, as a magnificent theatrical element. It is described as an urban tale and a journey of dreams and fantasy.

Just look at the Rodafonio in action to understand how incredible the invention is.

Format: Music Street show - Street parade - Amplified

Artistic team: 5 musicians

Standard duration: 1 hour 30 min. divided into 2 shows of 45 min.

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