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Radio Kaizman

(Lyons, France )

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Located somewhere between the musical bubbling of New Orleans, the psychedelic dimensions of rock and the urban crackle of hip-hop, Radio Kaizman led by its singer and its rapper takes you into a unique trance. Ultra-hot riffs, hypnotic drums, throbbing and energetic horns supporting a sharp flow, the group's recipe is to bring the brass band and hip-hop into a unique common story.


- Block Party

From the 1970s, “block parties” appeared in the United States, neighborhood celebrations that largely contributed to the emergence of Hip Hop culture, coming from Soul and Funk. It is with this same intention of appropriating the urban space and creating, for an hour, a party for the inhabitants of the neighborhood or the festival audience that Radio Kaizman invites you to its “Block Party”.
On the program is original, dynamic and surprising music that will make you move your head, clap your hands and even, why not, dance!  

Released summer 2021,
selection OFF Chalon in the Street

Creation supported by:
- CNAREP, National Center for Street Arts and Public Space (Chalon sur Saône, 71)
- Latitude 50 - Center for circus and street arts (Marchin, Be)
- The Dovecote des Arts (Plainoiseau, 39)


- Radio Kaizman on stage -  NEW CREATION 2022
Show on stage with sound and light control, which reveals all the power of the music of RADIO KAIZMAN. A big hip-hop groove sound, with lyrics in French for the first time on Radio Kaizman


References: PRINTEMPS DE BOURGES, WOODSTOWER (Lyon), CONTRASTS AND COLORS (Chalon /s Saône), SIXIEME CONTINENT Festival (Lyon), CAFE CHARBON (Nevers), LE SILEX (Auxerre), L'ARC Scène Nationale (Le Creusot) , La COIL (Grenoble), The MUSIC CELLAR (Macon)...

Show created with the support of Le Reservoir, Saint-Marcel (71), 9-9bis, Oignies (62) and 109, Montluçon (03)

Format: Music Street show - Street parade - Acoustic

Artistic team: 7 musicians

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