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Fissa Papa

(Le Havre, France)

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Their musical credo: traditional cumbias, jazzy hits in ska version, calypsos and caliente rock, covers of well-known or outdated songs in festive versions: "We hide everything" (J. Dutronc) style Rage Against The Machine, "Rum and Coca-cola (Andrews sisters), "Ya mustapha" or classic tunes revisited in Latin version: "Gnossienne n°1", "Letter to elise" and many others in preparation in their studio secret !

Artists / performers:  Thomas Sirou, Jeremy Lebrun, Evrard Moreau, Laurent Gruau

Gender :musical street performance - acoustic, fixed and/or inmusical wandering

Artistic team: 4 musicians


Typical duration: 1h30 to be divided into 2 or 3 shows.

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