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La Complet'Mandingue

(Dieulefit, France)

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For more than 20 years, the Mobile Balafons Orchestra has been touring all over the world, playing at international festivals as well as in the streets of small villages. These musicians have energy and communicative humor, love challenges, and enjoy enrapturing the public, making it dance and smile. Their musical repertoire is made up of original and festive compositions in which they use their resonators to create sounds that you would think, are electro and amplified.
Playing an interactive game, the Complet’Mandingo invites the crowd to join them in singing melodies that are inspired by pop icons as well as traditional West African music or funky and groovy tunes. Everyone is invited to join the party and dance on popular pieces revisited “balafon’s style”. 

Artists / performers: Stéphane Pardon, Eric Houdart, Raphaël Petit, Sébastien Sapone, Guillaume Simonin, Gregory Gotti.

Format: Music Street show - Street parade - Acoustic

Artistic team: 6 musicians

Standard duration: 1 hour 30 min. divided into 2 shows of 45 min. or 3 shows of 30 min.

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