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La Vertu

(Lyon, France)

Five funny guys, five musicians roll from town to town, happy and smiling, without asking any questions.
Their secret: Virtue.
Their definition of Virtue: The smile and balance.

They sing it and rehash it and turn it all over the place, it's a lesson they give in music to their audience. It's also a way for them to make themselves believe that nothing gets out of hand, there's nothing to fear in life if you do everything right.
Measure, health, smile!
But all the beautiful millimeter show degenerates.

Because life when it is alive, is made by jumping from violent emotions to imbalances.

Mobile street orchestra, able to contact the public spontaneously with a repertoire ranging from classical operetta to jazz-rock through song, all on original texts and music.

Gender :musical street performance, acoustic,fanfaremusical wandering

Artistic team: 5 musicians

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