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The company defends an interactive theater with the audience and questions the traditional role of the actor by giving him the capacity to intervene anywhere in any place, through engaging contemporary writing.


The company also enjoys recognition abroad allowing them to continuously evolve their shows through an interaction with a varied audiences, in different languages, while always questioning, inventing and sometimes defending their relationship with public spaces.


- The Horsemen

A show which mix performance, comic and visual. Three elegant French Horse riders, inspired by the ‘‘French attitude’’, make a demonstration of training to prepare the next Olympic Games. The Horsemen represent a caricatured image of French people seen by the ‘‘Others” : arrogant, self-assured, almost unpleasant. To the publics, the three characters ask if, by their strange attitude, by their look, they can represent the French people for a next competition. At the end of the show, they push French people, but others too, to learn another language than their mother’s one, asking this question « Don’t you know that now we live in Europe ? ».

- The Horsewomen


- TchernOcircuS

An Illustrious equestrian circus family from the deepest reaches of Eastern Siberia have come to the welcoming arms of Europe to join us.
Even If the mishaps of the trip weren’t already enough, the family has arrived safe and sound to share with us all their strange customs, their acrobatic acts and their totally weird animals.
A strange “otherness” that reminds us all of the need to recognise and embrace the differences in others.

Les Goulus

(Aubervilliers, France)

Artists / performers: Baron Michel, Baron Romuald, Baronne Lisbeth, Baron Maurice, Baron Emerson, Baron Christian.

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