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(Saint Colomban, France)

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Bruno Blandy aka "Rékupertou"

It is difficult to summarize the career of this multifaceted polyinstrumentist musician who takes a real pleasure in confronting all the forms that music can take in the world of the show.

Born in 1963, after a musical childhood with a brief passage by the Conservatory of Nantes and an introduction to classical guitar, he acquired a know-how in a more or less self-taught way.


- The Acoustic Transformers

The Acoustic Transformers is a group of five musicians who interprets a swaying music, gathering various musical styles (Reggae, Calypso, New Orleans, Salsa ...), original or covers, in a street band format. Their particularity: the musicians play instruments made from recycling materials, with stunning aesthetics: the “tubatong”, played with flip flops, which distills a very special bass sound, or the "Piti dishes" that produces melodies from stainless steel dishes, close to the sound of a steel drum.


Designed by Bruno Blandy - (very) wild luthier - this orchestra of a new kind guarantees surprise.

Artists / performers: Bruno Blandy, Sandrine Bernard-Abraham, Fabien David, Maurice Spitz, Thierry Ouvrard.

Format: Music Street show - Street parade - Acoustic

Artistic team: 5 musicians

Standard duration: 1 hour 30 min. divided into 2 shows of 45 min. or 3 shows of 30 min.

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