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(Saint-Étienne, France)

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 The Brass Band MELOTRONIC composes and plays a repertoire of electronic music with Latin colors, 100% acoustic version. 2020, the meeting of two cosmos, that of electronic music and that of acoustic music. A creative tête-à-tête between the worlds of Xavier Savin and Matthieu Notargiacomo. The first is a soul in love with drum machines, a mechanic-creator of electronic music and a multi-instrumentalist musician. The second is a saxophonist with Jazz and Brass Band DNA. Passionate about arranging, he is the one who likes to develop harmonies, giving color to the music he writes. Melotronic marks the unexpected meeting of heady loops and refined chords. The convergence of raw energy and emotion that grabs us in the gut.

Artists / performers: Guillaume PLUTON, Matthieu NOTARGIACOMO, Jean-Alain BOISSY, Félix EDOUARD, Rémy JACQUET, Guillaume MONIER,  Lionel DESSUS, Nicolas THE, Xavier SAVIN

Genre: Musical, acoustic, fixed and/or wandering street show

Artistic team: 9 musicians


Typical duration: 2 shows of 45 min or 3 shows of 30 min

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