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(Drome, France )

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The almost feminine group that rocks you with hot sound!

Roundly electric music, vitaminized staging and choreography on the bitumen,

the MissTrash take you frantically into their story.

For 14 years, they have sharedent their cosmic energy with Poetry and Rock'n roll

by hanging onthe heart.


- Pink cardboard

Cardboard Rose, is a modular show, inviting the public for a moment of sharing, to let go of their fears, to dare to be, to laugh at themselves, to dance, to dream...

Through the prism that is today's sport, it is the notions of competition, team spirit, rivalry, challenge, body worship, cheating, surpassing oneself, which will be addressed. .

All with good humor and music of course!


- Fanfare?!

Sequins and grease, the MissTrash take you on board

in their crazy world.
Quirky instruments, a mixed repertoire, wild dances and precious poetic breaks...
From surprises to bursts of laughter, Fanfare?! it's all that at once

and even better.
You will want more!

Genre : musical street performance , acoustics, brass band

Artistic team: 5 musicians

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