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(Lyon, France)

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Sopa Loca, a sunny street orchestra, is a band oriented towards South American and tropical music. Cumbias, rumbas and salsas are reorchestrated, tinged with reggaeton, gently shifted, sometimes in a madly humorous way. Like a frosted cocktail of vitaminized music, this euphoric “crazy soup” tastes good at any time of the day, accompanied by retro choreographies. It is a nice, spicy and swaying mixture that is shared while dancing.


- Clap! - new creation 2023

No more fanfare! the seven members of SopaLoca, revolted by their working conditions as a street orchestra, decide to change career plans: stop marching band and make films to become stars!

The performance becomes the shooting of a film where the artists play all the roles, heroes, villains, obscure supporting roles, and also director, cinematographer, lighting designer...

The scenes follow one another, carried by an original soundtrack played live, and we get caught up in the game: maybe a big production will notice them? After all, George Clooney probably doesn't know how to play the saxophone... Drama or comedy? blockbuster or committed film? Adventure, romance, fighting? With the energy of a repertoire of Latin American music (cumbia, salsa, mambo...) mixed with other styles (classical, rock, hip-hop...), SopaLoca allows you to listen and see in this show to play, overplay and dance!

- SopaLoca

Artists / performers: Gaëlle Bauer, Axel Pfalzgraf, Aldric Plisson, Florian Tillard, Thomas Caharel, Nathalie Diebold, Eugène Gaumeton.

Format: Music Street show - Street parade - Acoustic

Artistic team: 7 musicians

Standard duration: 1h40 hours to split in 2 or 3 shows including 1 stationary show of 50 min.

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