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Theater Tol

(Antwerp, Belgium)

Theater Tol, founded in 1998, is an International Music Theatre company based in Antwerp (Belgium). The company creates performances with almost no spoken words using images, acting and music instead. Their performances often weave themselves into the locations. Each performance is inspired by the physical aspects as well as the historical and social context of the location.


- Pedaleando hacia el cielo

As darkness falls Pedaleando Hacia el Cielo, or shortly Pedaleando, tells a love story. About being together in dark days, about angels that balance between heaven and earth. Pedaleando Hacia el Cielo means 'cycling to heaven'; it brings people together and gives hope. Love declarations are translated through movements, breaths, a word, a song in this aerial performance. This performance is a mix of cinematic images, light, singing, dancing and live music that ends in an air spectacle. Through adapted movie images, the city itself forms the backdrop of this poetic dream world.

- Garden of Angels

Lightness and joy are the most important themes of this show. Garden of Angels is about a wedding, in which the beloved couple eats each other, dances, flies. They are in love and surrounded by good company: musicians and creatures out of fairy tales.

The performance is inspired by history, where the bouquet of flowers originally consisted of a bunch of strong spices, to expel the evil ghosts and bad influences out of marriage. The big present for the newly-married couple in this performance are the angels: the protectors, the dreamers, the wise ones. The audience is the guest at the wedding. In that way the angels don't only bring the good things for the beloved couple, they move the guests and let them be touched by their positive energy as well.

- Mariage Fantastique

Mariage Fantastique tells a story about love. Musical grooms accompany the floating, luminous brides. It is a parade with dazzling images and sounds; a marching band with brass instruments and percussionists. The original, poetic language of Theater Tol comes to life once again, enchanting the audience with melodies reflecting various cultures and traditions.

- Bike Parade

A combination of fairy tale dancers and wonderful bicycle-creations, that let the public dream away. They drive through the streets and dance to the music of Theater Tol. When the bicycles come to a halt, an impressive dancing act with breathtaking costumes and attributes starts. Bike Parade is a fairy tale, a dream that evaporates once the parade moves on. This show is beautiful in daylight, but is also enchanting with lighting at dusk.

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