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Transe Express is a pioneer of street arts. The Company was founded by Brigitte Burdin and Gilles Rhode. In the 1990’s, inspired by Alexander Calder, Transe Express invented Celestial Art. Since then, its aerial shows are touring all over the world.


- Mobile Homme, The airborne event

Mobile Homme is the manifesto of Celestial Art, designed by Transe Express in 1990. This “event heaven” is timeless and unforgettable.
Which child didn't dream whilst lying underneath a mobile, his nose under a string of characters balancing at the end of a nylon wire? Imagine the same mobile, made of flesh and bone drum majors, suspended from a crane. Imagine that a frail trapezist appears in the middle of this celestial cluster, and spreads a slight wind of extravagance while gracefully balancing. Imagine the constant beats, the high-pitched sets and dull rumbles of a septet of celestial drummers. Imagine this human mobile suspended above water, from a cathedral’s spire or in the night sky.


Format: parade and large scale aerial final
Audience: unlimited

Artistic team: 7 musicians et 1 trapeze artist

Standard duration: 45 min.

Nocturnal or diurnal

- Giant Dolls

Three giant dolls slide magically through the crowd. These fantastic divas sing haunting melodies that captivate young and old. Their beautiful voices contrast with the jerky bearings of the little soldiers. The result is a back-and-forth between the crystalline voices of the three opera singers and the playfulness of The Drums, producing a constant musical and theatrical exchange throughout the parade.


Format: street parade – Itinerant show

Artistic team: 10 musicians and 1 comedian

Standard duration: 2 hours divided in 2 shows of 1 hour or 3 shows of 40 min.

Nocturnal or diurnal

- M.O.B. (Mobile Oblique and Bucolic)

M.O.B is an evolutive organic mobile, with a shape and structure unfolding in the air.

The organic world reveals an unsuspected diversity. It secretly holds the keys of our planet’s future. Plants, without a sound, a cry, or a gesture, when not plastic ones, are relegated to the row of decoration by the stressed animals that we are. No worries, the Drums have decided to give voice and movement to their beloved plants. They will make hearts beat to the rythm of bionic, souls buzz and plant their « drum tree » in the middle of the city. The bet is to take the audience on board into the luxurious world of botanics.


Format: parade and large scale aerial final
Audience: unlimited

Artistic team: 7 musicians et 1 trapeze artist

Standard duration: 50 to 60 min.

Nocturnal or diurnal

- Les Tambours de la Muerte

Had you ever thought you could meet Death at the cor­ner of a street ? After a spectacular street parade, Catrina, her drummers and her bodyguards - giant skeletons that glow in the night - gather for a celebration from beyond the grave. Catrina leads the dance. If she chooses you, she will take you to spy the beyond.

Les Tambours de la Muerte (Drums de la Muerte) is an iconoclastic, pyromaniac and striking feast: chinese pole, flying men (inspired by Mexican voladores), fairground artefacts, fireworks, music and Danse Macabre, are the ingredients of this ritual of the afterlife.


Format: street parade and final on stage
Audience: 500 to 3000 people

Artistic team: 10 musicians, puppeteers, acrobats and 1 stilts

Standard duration: 60 min.


Transe Express 

(Eurre, France)

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