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Imperial Kikiristan

(Cluny, France) - International distribution outside France

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Always with the street as a privileged space, without ties and without electricity, the Orchester Imperial Kikiristan condenses the best of its know-how, resulting from 10 years of musical peregrinations. Interaction, choreography, humour, music, songs and dances, from chalkboard paintings to total improvisation, frenetic solos, serenades or the quest for new members, our wandering folk group is at the service of all types of events in a formula acoustics with multiple accents.

From Beirut to Bogota, from Romania to northern Russia, the group has played in many festivals of all sizes and genres. Already more than 1000 performances, in more than 30 countries, which, these, are not imaginary.



- JümeläG

In this street show mixing music, choreography, interaction and humour, the official delegation of Kigrad, capital of Kikiristan, thinks it has found the ideal city to twin: same size, common interests, and open-minded. But without response to his many letters, Imperial Kikiristan arrives unexpectedly to formalize the long-awaited pairing.

It is with fanfare and with numerous induction rituals that our Kikiristanis will be able to make themselves accepted by the local population… at least, that is what they hope.

Due to its robust nature, Kikiristanis are resistant to viruses. This does not prevent them from being extremely careful and respectful of the health rules in force (we expect no less from an Official Delegation). Hard-working and clever, they spent long hours thinking and rehearsing in order to adapt the show to the current context without distorting it, even playing with new rules ("it is under constraint that one expresses one's ideas best , especially the most improbable", often says Füliber 1st, the Emperor of Kikiristan).

Confined to France, Imperial Kikiristan is moving from Tournus, a small town in southern Burgundy (twinning in progress). Traditionally respectful of nature and anxious to preserve the fauna and flora of Kikiristan, but, more broadly, that of all its twin cities and the planet, the Official Delegation offers a light welcome sheet and asks to avoid plastic for single use. Local products on the menu will be a good method to discover the local culture. In exchange, Imperial Kikiristan will be delighted to introduce you to the specialties of its region.

Genre: musical street performance , acoustic, fixed

Artistic team: 6 musicians

Typical duration: 1 fixed show of 50 min


- Kikiristani Fantasies

Let yourself go and receive a complete high class service offered by an orchestra capable of the craziest and most unexpected performances. All-terrain, this chameleon formation sublimates each event with humor, serenades, frenetic solos and choreography. Her Majesty's Imperial Service raises the standard of any party by sharing the flavors of traditional Kikiristan hospitality...

Genre: musical, acoustic, fixed and/or wandering street performance

Artistic team: 6 musicians

Typical duration: 2 fixed shows of 45/50 min

Artists / performers: Benjamin Poulain, Florian Vidgrain, Guillaume Cottin, Frédéric Couve, Eugène Gaumeton.

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